Telecom operators and intercept monitor analysts voted Yes: CUPE will represent your interests

Dear telecom operators and intercept monitor analysts,

The Federal Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board (FPSLREB) just informed us that you voted Yes to CUPE to be certified as your bargaining agent. The FPSLREB expects to formally certify CUPE in mid-March and your working conditions will be protected for a further 30 days from that date. Results of the vote were not provided.

Congratulations! You worked very hard to achieve this important goal. Thank you for choosing CUPE, and a warm welcome to all 1,300 members of your bargaining unit.

We will proudly continue to defend your interests. CUPE is Canada’s largest union with 650,000 members across the country. As CUPE members, you will have access to the resources necessary to meet your employer on equal terms, and working together with you, we will succeed in improving your working conditions and workplace protections.

Setting up your local

But before we can get to the bargaining table, we have some work to do to get ready for bargaining and set up your local.

Here are the next steps:

  • First regular membership meeting (by-laws presentation).
  • Vote on by-laws. A draft of the by-laws has been prepared by your interim coordination committee. You, the members of CUPE’s RCMP local, will have the opportunity to discuss these proposals, make changes and vote.
  • Once the by-laws are approved, the election process for the executive committee and the bargaining committee will begin. Positions on these committees are open to all union members. It is ultimately up to you, the union membership, to determine who will represent you on these committees.

Bargaining process

Once the bargaining committee is elected, the preparations for bargaining will begin:

  • Bargaining survey is prepared and members are consulted on the bargaining priorities.
  • Bargaining proposals are drafted and approved by members at a general membership meeting.
  • The employer provides its essential services list (maximum of 60 days after certification).
  • CUPE serves notice to bargain after the employer provides list of essential services.
  • Second statutory freeze begins and will be in place until a collective agreement is reached.

We will then go to the bargaining table, and fight to improve your working conditions using CUPE’s full collective strength.