Bargaining Update



We continue to be engaged in bargaining our first collective agreement with the employer. It is a slow process but there is still a lot of work going on. One of the first major milestones in bargaining is the exchange of proposals. We have our proposal ready to go and the official exchange will be taking place very soon.


Our Bargaining Committee meets regularly to discuss and review our proposal and strategies. This is the most important task we are currently working on. We must have a collective agreement that will blend the CMs, PSs, IMs, and TOs and ensure that the disparity created by the employer is corrected while considering the unique needs of each group.


Bargaining in good faith involves a great deal of confidentiality. We cannot share specific points in the proposed agreement until it comes time for a ratification vote. We must also not publicly share priority items or negotiating strategies because then the employer would know what is most important to us. However, we will continue to keep everyone updated with the major milestones of the collective bargaining process.