Bargaining Update



We continued our “at the table” bargaining sessions with the employer earlier this month. It went well and it was a productive week. We were able to continue negotiations on several articles and signed off a few more as well. We feel that we have a good momentum going with the employer and we have several more “at the table” sessions already locked in over the next few months including several days in November.


As we’ve said before, we must bargain in good faith and respect the confidentiality of the bargaining process. This allows us to have fair and open negotiations with the employer. Please remember that once we have reached a tentative agreement, it is you – the membership – who ultimately decide whether to accept the agreement.


We are striving toward a collective agreement that will apply to both categories and both groups of employees to eliminate the disparity caused by the employer. We must make sure that we are recognized for our critical and specialized roles as Public Safety Communicators.


It is especially important that all of us show solidarity with each other throughout the bargaining process. The stronger we are as a Local, the stronger our position is at the bargaining table.


Please continue to reach out directly to your Stewards or Regional Chairpersons if you have questions or concerns.