Update – Shelter Cost Differential


Attention CUPE 104 members working and living in the Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.


This is an update to our previous communication communication (https://104.cupe.ca/2023/10/03/shelter-cost-differential-for-cupe-104-members-working-and-living-in-the-yukon-territory-northwest-territories-and-nunavut/) about the employer discontinuing the Shelter Cost Differential (SCD) for employees who own their homes.

Thanks to pressure from the bargaining agents, including CUPE 104, the National Joint Council (NJC) Isolated Posts and Government Housing Committee (IPGHC) issued a communique confirming that the SCD is payable to employees renting or owning private accommodation, and to employees renting government housing.

This communique from the NJC IPGHC corrects and clarifies the application of the SCD for employees in private accommodations.

Read the full NJC IPGHC communique here: https://www.njc-cnm.gc.ca/communique/27/890/en 


In Solidarity,
Your CUPE 104 Executive