Update: Invasive Medical Questionnaire and Medical Examination


This is an update to our previous communication about the Invasive Medical Questionnaire and Medical Examination that was being sent out by the employer to our members as part of their new “health program.”

For the past several months, we have been fighting hard against this unnecessary and gross invasion of our privacy. This invasive procedure is irrelevant to our roles, a blatant violation of our privacy, and it represents an unprecedented level of scrutiny, unmatched anywhere else in Canada for similar jobs.

We have been heavily engaged with both Legal and Health and Safety experts from CUPE National. Recently, our legal team sent the employer a cease-and-desist letter demanding that their health program, involving the invasive medical questionnaire and medical examination, be shut down.

Unfortunately, without any meaningful consultation with us, the RCMP’s Acting Chief Human Resource Office has responded indicating that they are moving ahead with their health program, including the invasive medical questionnaire and medical examination. Currently, the employer’s new invasive health program is directed at Public Service Employees. However, they have stated that their intention is to eventually subject all CUPE 104 members to this testing (TO/TCOs and IM/IMAs). We have already filed a policy grievance with Treasury Board and we are working on additional legal recourse.

The only medical testing requirements for our jobs have always been hearing and psychological testing. We maintain that this is still the case and there is no reason to change these requirements. Additional medical testing is not necessary for our roles and is, quite frankly, none of the employer’s business. Your personal health information should remain protected and confidential between you and your health care practitioners.

The employer should be focused on recruitment, retention, mental health, and morale. Instead, they are trying to divide us, invade our privacy, cause additional and unnecessary stress, and disregard our rights to private personal medical information.

We urge you to respectfully share your opinions with your managers. They need to be informed of the effects on you so that they can share it up the chain with their senior managers. Even in the face of this blatant disregard for our rights and privacy, it is important that we all maintain a safe and respectful working environment for ourselves and each other.

If you are contacted to participate in this unnecessary and invasive program, and you do not wish to participate, we recommend that you respond with your questions and concerns, seeking more information and an explanation. You should do this in writing, including your supervisor, and respectfully outline your concerns with the program. If you are then informed that you must participate, immediately contact your local Steward or Regional Chairperson for assistance with filing a grievance.

Make no mistake, this is a blatant attack on your privacy, rights, dignity, and well-being. We stand united in our resolve to oppose this unjust decision and will keep you informed of any developments and the actions we are taking.

In Solidarity,

Your CUPE Local 104 Executive