Bargaining Update

We have been in contact with the Treasury Board to reaffirm our desire to move ahead with bargaining as soon as possible. They have advised that they are not yet ready. Meanwhile, our bargaining team continues to work hard on preparations. It is important to note that deeming does not affect bargaining and we are all eager to get to the table.

We do not know if the Regular Members (RMs) will go to the bargaining table before us but it is important to know that their situation is not the same as ours. We are not in the same position as them. We have two different categories of employees as well as two completely different sets of terms and conditions of employment and various employer policies that we are bringing forward into one single contract.

We are eager to get this formally going but we also do not want to rush this very important process of bargaining our first contract. We have a different negotiator than the RMs and we are not queued up in front or behind them.

We have CUPE National’s support and immense experience behind us and they continue to actively assist us with researching other contracts, benefits, and precedents to support our position when bargaining.