Deeming and Phoenix

The Treasury Board President made a big decision on delaying deeming and we are watching closely to see how this will be implemented.

We agree that delaying the transfer of almost 4000 Civilian Members of the RCMP from a stable and working pay system to the broken Phoenix pay system was the correct thing to do. There are many thousands of public servants who are struggling on the Phoenix pay system including many within our very own union local. The focus for the government must be on our current Public Service Employees by ensuring all resources are dedicated to ensuring every one is properly and promptly compensated.

We understand that some members put in retirement papers in advance of deeming and, due to the postponing of deeming, want to change their retirement plans. We were originally assured that the RCMP would deal with this on a case-by-case basis. Earlier this week, the RCMP’s Chief Human Resources Officer advised us that they were choosing not to allow any employee to rescind their retirement plans. Obviously, this is not acceptable.

In 2017, when deeming was postponed, the RCMP allowed anyone who was impacted by the decision to change their retirement plans. Our President has made our concerns crystal clear to senior RCMP management, including the Commissioner, as well as to senior management at the Treasure Board. A letter, co-signed by our President and the PIPSC President, Debi Daviau, has been sent to senior management of the RCMP and the Treasury Board. The RCMP Commissioner has since advised that she will need time to look into this, given the current events, and in the meantime, she will ask RCMP Compensation Services to hold off on processing any retirements that employees have requested to cancel. If you are impacted, please do not hesitate to request your retirement be rescinded. Please also consider advising your Regional Chairperson so they can keep our President in the loop when dealing with the employer.

The legislation passed in 2013 provided the employer with the option to convert Civilian Members to Public Service Employees at a later date, if they chose to do so. There were decisions made by the employer in advance of potential deeming and before Telecommunications Operators and Intercept Monitors were unionized that has caused disparity within our groups. We will correct this together through the collective bargaining process.

This disparity created by the employer continues to be deeply troubling and difficult for all of our members. Our members have demonstrated great flexibility and patience through these uncertain times. We represent all categories of employees and deeming has effects on both Civilian Members and Public Service Employees. We will continue to advocate strongly for all of our members, regardless of category imposed by the employer.

Please continue to reach out to your local Steward or Regional Chairperson with any issues and we will work together with you to resolve them.

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