COVID-19 Update #5


We recently posted an Update on Access to 699 Leave Leave: (  Despite all the Unions, the employer has proceeded to change their direction for accessing other leave with pay (699). In some cases, the employer is requiring employees to exhaust other forms of paid leave before allowing access to the other leave with pay (699) provisions for COVID-19 related matters.

The employer previously attempted to make changes to the special leave with pay provisions prior to the start of the school year without consultation with any of the Unions. The Unions collectively fought back hard against this non-negotiated and potentially discriminatory change. This leave remains an important benefit and is part of our terms and conditions of employment that are frozen. We are continuing to fight this most recent change alongside the other federal public sector Unions.

As this virus continues to spread and as we are seeing positive cases in our workplaces, schools, homes, families, and friends, it is vital that everyone continues to follow the guidance and advice from federal / provincial / territorial / municipal health authorities. Most areas are well into the second wave of this pandemic and we must all continue to do our part to stay healthy and able to provide uninterrupted service to Canadians. Your continued commitment and dedication to serving Canadians is exemplary and although it may seem like it is “just what we do,” it is important to recognize this.

If you are experiencing any issues with the application of leave provisions relating to the pandemic, please continue to contact your Regional Chairperson for assistance and guidance. This includes being denied other leave with pay (699) for COVID-19 related matters due to the change in direction from the employer noted above. Also, if you hear of any unreasonable requests or directives coming from management, please let us know right away. The sooner we know about any issues or potential issues, the sooner we can help rectify them.

Keep up the great work and stay safe and healthy.