Solidarity With PSAC


As you may know, our colleagues at the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) have announced that their members at the Canada Revenue Agency and Treasury Board voted overwhelmingly in favour of striking in their fight for a better deal.

As Union members ourselves, we must support them as we are stronger together. Their job actions will have an impact on our continuing fight for our first collective agreement. We must stand in solidarity with the PSAC in this fight for a better deal.

If you encounter a picket line at your workplace, remember that these workers are our colleagues and they have exhausted all other options in bargaining to reach a fair deal with the employer. Since we are not on strike, you will have to continue to report for work. If you are unable access your workplace or feel unsafe doing so, you must contact your manager and they will arrange to escort you into the workplace. You may also show your support by joining a picket line before or after shift or on your days off.

There should be no additional duties placed on any of our members due to this, or any, job action. The employer has an essential services agreement with the PSAC so their members in essential positions will continue to take care of the essential work. The non-essential work will have to wait until the employer and the PSAC reach a deal.

If your manager asks you to do any additional work that would normally be done by an employee who is a member of the PSAC, respectfully refuse. We are not the contingency plan for the employer, and we will not be a part of lessening the important impact of their job action. If you are ordered to do work that would normally be done by an employee who is on strike you should do the work and make note of the date, time, manager’s name who issued the order, a description of the work and report it to your Regional Chairperson as soon as possible for action.

If you have questions about how the PSAC job action may impact your workplace, please speak to your manager.


In Solidarity,

Your CUPE 104 Executive
Kathleen, Robbin, Myles, Robb, Cyrus, Marc-Étienne, Alex, Brandon, Randy and Ron.

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