Tentative Agreement Town Halls



It has been a busy couple of weeks working on a full version of the draft tentative agreement to share and planning the town halls. The full text version of the tentative agreement is almost ready, there are just some translations being finalized. It will be ready in time for the first town hall this coming week. In the meantime, we’re working on a more comprehensive highlights document to send out. We hope to have this done this weekend.


After the town halls, it will be time for the ratification vote. This is when you get to vote on the ratification of the tentative agreement. The vote will take place electronically so now is the time to make sure we have your email. If you received this message directly from us, we have your email. If someone forwarded you this email, you need to go to our website and sign up – https://104.cupe.ca/contact-us/membership/ . The ratification vote will be approximately June 13-15 and will only be open for a day or two. We will update you with the exact dates and times in a separate email bulletin.


The full town hall schedule was sent by email to members earlier today. Please check your personal email and spam folders.  We are trying to visit as many locations as possible in a very short period. It is extremely important to attend an in-person town hall so we can have face-to-face, open discussions about the tentative agreement. This is your opportunity to talk to the people who were at the bargaining table, negotiating this agreement firsthand, so that you have all the information to make an informed vote.


Unfortunately, due to the travel time and logistics, it is not possible for us to visit every site in person in time for the ratification vote. If we are not able to make it to your city for an in-person town hall, please sign up for one of the virtual town halls. The virtual town halls are meant specifically for those members who we are unable to see in person. This is so that we can keep the virtual town halls to a smaller size and provide the same opportunity at a virtual “face-to-face” gathering to those who we are not able to visit in person. Registration links for the virtual sessions will be sent out in a few days.


We’re looking forward to seeing you all soon!


In Solidarity,

Your CUPE 104 Executive
Kathleen, Robbin, Myles, Robb, Cyrus, Marc-Étienne, Alex, Brandon, Randy and Ron.

Executive e-mail addresses: https://104.cupe.ca/contacts/
Main page: https://104.cupe.ca/
Membership Form: https://104.cupe.ca/membership/