Edmonton CSU 52 Strike


It has come to our attention from our membership that the RCMP is canvassing CUPE 104 members about their willingness to be deployed to Edmonton Police Service to work as scabs during the anticipated strike action being taken by the Civil Service Union 52 (CSU 52). CSU 52 includes Emergency Communications Operators who are responsible for 9-1-1, police call taking, and police dispatching duties.

We stand in solidarity with our Brothers, Sisters, and Friends of CSU 52. We are outraged that the RCMP is considering using our hard-working CUPE 104 members as scabs to undermine CSU’s fight for a fair deal. CUPE 104 is firmly against the use of any CUPE 104 members to do the work of other Unionized workers.

It is our position that CUPE 104 members should NOT volunteer to work as scabs during CSU 52’s strike. Doing so would undermine CSU 52’s strike action and will negatively impact our own position in future rounds of bargaining. A fair deal for CSU 52 helps us get a fair deal in future rounds.

If you are being pressured, forced, or ordered to do the work of another Union, contact your local Steward or Regional Chairperson immediately for guidance.

In Solidarity,

Your CUPE Local 104 Executive