Update 2: Invasive Medical Questionnaire and Medical Examination


The RCMP blindsided us and sent out a message to you and your managers this week stating that they are proceeding with their invasive medical questionnaire and medical examination, despite our active objections. We found out about this after they sent it out and only after we asked them about it. As far as we knew, the last update they gave us was that it was remaining “paused.”

The RCMP’s message says that they worked with us to clarify their new process, implying that we support it. This is not true. We have not been properly consulted, we are strongly against this new process, and we have an active policy grievance against them. To make matters worse, the RCMP is trying to frame this change as necessary for your health and safety. We are extremely disappointed at this shameful and heavy-handed approach that ignores your wellbeing. We are still actively fighting against this gross and unnecessary invasion of your privacy on all available legal and health and safety fronts. For more information, see our previous update.

We have been trying to work with the RCMP for years on updating the hearing and psychological health assessments and supports for our members. This additional medical testing is not necessary for our roles and is none of the employer’s business. This new “program” also removes and replaces the biennial psychological appointments. The current program is not great, but their new system is not even close to ok.

As we’ve said before, we urge you to respectfully share your opinions and concerns with your managers. They need to be informed of the effects on you so that they can share it up the chain with their senior managers. Your managers have been told that this new program is mandatory, and that they can use discipline to deal with non-compliance.

If you are contacted to participate in this unnecessary and invasive program, and you do not wish to participate, we recommend that you respond to your manager with your questions and concerns, seeking more information and an explanation. You should do this in writing. If you are then informed that you must participate, immediately contact your local Steward or Regional Chairperson for assistance with filing a grievance.

In Solidarity,

Your CUPE Local 104 Executive