Phoenix Damages Agreement – Update


In 2019, CUPE Local 104 signed a Phoenix Damages Agreement with the employer that saw up to five (5) days of leave awarded to our public service employees as damages for the frustration caused by the failed pay system. This award of leave provided flexibility for our members as they could take it as leave, bank it for use in the future, or cash it out. This agreement contained a “catch-up” clause that guaranteed our members would be further compensated if any other group negotiated a higher settlement.


Recently, PSAC finalized a settlement for their members in the amount of $1500 cash per employee. We believed this cash settlement was larger than the leave settlement we previously signed and so, we invoked the “catch-up” clause and negotiated an increased settlement for our members.


Our PO members who have a salary less than $78,264 ($300 per day) will receive an additional cash settlement (taxable). The amount of this additional settlement will be the difference between your daily rate of pay and $300. You are eligible for this additional cash settlement for each of the years that you already received 7.5 hours of leave as part of the 2019 agreement. No payments will be made for less than $10.


No action is needed on your part at this time. The individual cash settlements will take some time to calculate and distribute. This agreement applies to all public service employees who are or have been members of the PO group. Civilian Members are not paid by Phoenix and are not covered by this agreement.